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My name is Amber Hicks and I've been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997.  If you are looking for a massage that you can count on to relieve pain, or simply provide deep relaxation, then I'm your therapist.  If you've never had a massage before, you will be in great hands.  20 years is a long time and I've treated so many different folks in that time.  I've helped moms through their first pregnancies, I've helped relieve chronic pain for clients who have been in car accidents, and everybody in between.  

I strive to provide you with the most professional, customized massage experience of your life.  I'm not too busy to take care of you.  I am not going to pass you on to another therapist.  I am a solo practitioner who takes her time with every client and doesn't get stressed and run in to do the massage at the last minute.  My standard is of the highest quality and caliber and I aim to keep it that way, always.  You can count on me and I hope you do.  I think you will find that you won't regret it!  I look forward to meeting you!  

Amber Hicks, LMT

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